Sheep in Winter

The legacy of the Little Cattle Company’s ranch dates back to 1894 when Andy Little moved to Idaho from Scotland and began the family’s longstanding agricultural endeavors.  Upon arriving in Caldwell, Idaho, Andy had in his possession $2, his suitcase, and his two border collies Katie and Jim.  Andy walked to the Aikman ranch in the Willow Creek drainage just outside of Emmett to start working as a sheepherder for a fellow Scotsman.  From his humble beginnings as a sheepherder, Andy Little became one of the largest sheep producers in the United States and the world, tending to a flock numbering upwards of 120,000.  Andy’s son, David, helped navigate the ranch through the years after the Great Depression.  David turned the ranch’s focus to cattle when he sold the sheep operation in 1962.  Andy's grandson, Brad Little, managed the ranch from 1977 to 2008 further diversifying the operations to keep pace with changing times.  When Brad became Idaho's Lt Governor in 2008, Andy's great-grandson took over managing the business.

Now, as a fourth generation, family owned and operated livestock operation, the ranch no longer has sheep grazing through its pastures, but the tales of Andy Little’s sheep empire remain a cherished part of the ranch’s history.  Some lands that were historically used for grazing sheep are still utilized today by descendants of Andy Little including those lands that are part of Little Cattle Company’s operations.  The lands traverse from the desert foothills south of Emmett to the lush green pastures near Cascade.  Though the ranch has changed dramatically over the past century, we take great pride in our operation and in ensuring it will be around for future generations.